TheChadShow Season 1, Episode 16 A Solo Show Talking All Things Work Relate, Stamina, GoGet, Grit, Time Management And What Work Ethic Means To Me.

December 11, 2020

TheChadShow Season 1, Episode 16 Is a solo show with yours truly. Talking about All things work related, including what is a good healthy stamina, Fiery GoGet, Grit, Time Management and What is a strong work ethic! 

What is the difference between a career and a job ? How to say NO stay motivated, Driven and On-Track In Your Working everyday Life.

How and who Has Inspired me in my life and career keeping me switched on and present to keep learning, Growing and developing my skills, My tools and myself. 

Working hard, is hard work. So how do you keep motivated, Say No and deliver your best each Day, Week, Month and Year? Tune in and hear more from my prospective and experience in my career that spans over 15 years.



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